Is Your Business Benefiting From These 4 Digital Transformation Trends?

Staying competitive, your business must continually improve its operations. Of course, because your organization—like every organization— has finite resources, you have to choose which areas to focus on. But how do you know which initiatives will deliver the best return on investment (ROI)? One way to make that determination is to learn from your peers. If you notice a trend … Read More

7 Ways the Cloud Amplifies the Benefits of Robotic Process Automation

Robotic process automation (RPA)—creating small computer programs or “software robots” that handle mundane, repetitive tasks for you automatically—can deliver significant benefits for any company that generates or handles data. So, in today’s digital world, virtually any company! From increased productivity to lower costs to enhanced accuracy, businesses that automate key processes are better equipped to achieve their business goals and … Read More

Business Process Management (BPM): Streamlining Processes, Empowering People

When you break any business down into its elements, it’s really just a set of processes. Whether you’re manufacturing products or providing services, there are defined sets of steps that must be completed in all areas of your business—operations, administration, etc.—in order for your company to function correctly. And while those procedures tend to develop more or less organically over … Read More

What’s Ahead for Intelligent Automation in 2021?

With one of the most difficult years in memory behind us, there are still challenges ahead, but companies are beginning to refocus on opportunities for improving business operations through intelligent automation. What will 2021 look like in terms of content services, process automation and workflow transformation? As a company that has been crafting automation solutions for organizations in a wide … Read More

6 Steps to Prepare for Digital Transformation

As the experts in any field, from business to sports, will tell you, the key to success isn’t so much execution as it is preparation. When you are fully and properly prepared to take a particular action or launch a particular initiative, you are already on the right trajectory for success. Then you simply need to stick to the plan … Read More

Your Small but Mighty Workforce: RPA in Mortgage Lending

Like all businesses that generate or process significant amounts of data, mortgage lenders can experience dramatic improvements in efficiency through the use of robotic process automation (RPA). RPA leverages the work of “software robots”—what are essentially tiny computer programs—to manipulate digital information in any of a number of ways. And, of course, being more efficient isn’t really the “end game.” … Read More

How Banks Benefit from Robotic Process Automation (RPA)

Banking is a business where the accuracy of the work performed is, of course, essential. The speed and efficiency with which tasks are performed are also essential. Consequently, banks are prime candidates for robotic process automation (RPA). RPA uses small computer programs (i.e., “software robots”) that perform the specific, repetitive, data-related tasks for which they were designed. These robots, like … Read More

Not Just Automation: Why Businesses Need Intelligent Automation

When it comes to helping your business work efficiently, accurately, and profitably, if the two options were to 1) keep using manual processes or 2) implement simple, siloed automation, clearly you’d be smart to go with the latter. However, there’s a third option that many companies overlook or incorrectly consider to be too difficult to achieve: intelligent automation. What Is … Read More

5 Ways Business Process Automation Is Enabling Companies to Cope With COVID-19

Needless to say, the coronavirus pandemic has forced many companies to reassess how they do business. In some cases, significant changes in business processes are necessary to ensure a company’s ongoing viability. In others, only small modifications are needed to adapt to remote working, social distancing, and other actions taken to fight the spread of COVID-19. Either way, business process … Read More

What’s Business Process Automation? An Explanation of the Practice & the Acronyms.

As companies look for ways to streamline operations, increase productivity, reduce costs, and improve accuracy, the use of business process automation (BPA) continues to grow and expand. But what is BPA exactly? It’s not uncommon for people to picture physical processes when they hear “automation”—you know, items being zipped through a manufacturing facility on a conveyor belt with additions and … Read More