Conversational AI: New Partnership Advances Robotic Process Automation (RPA)

You could argue that in its earliest form, artificial intelligence (AI) wasn’t terribly intelligent. The success of any AI application depended on humans asking the right questions in the right way. Instead, what companies are looking for is systems that they, or their customers, can interact with without having to put too much thought into it. Enter what’s known as … Read More

What You Need to Know About RPA and Legacy System Conversion

Robotic process automation (RPA) uses small computer programs, referred to as “software robots” or sometimes simply as “bots,” to perform time-consuming digital tasks currently being handled by human workers in a fraction of the time and with 100 percent accuracy. In doing so, it frees employees to do other, more valuable work.  One of the areas where RPA is especially … Read More

Accounts Payable (AP) Automation: 6 Powerful Benefits

Accounts payable automation, more commonly called AP automation, is an approach many businesses today are using to streamline their operations. As with any automation initiative, there are hurdles to overcome, as we noted in a blog post titled “How to Avoid 5 Common AP Automation Challenges.” But, those companies that invest a small amount of time and effort in automating … Read More

6 Tips for Robotic Process Automation Deployment

More organizations every day are making robotic process automation (RPA) part of their business strategy. And for good reason. Letting software “robots” like our Buddha Botz handle repetitive, time-consuming, mundane tasks helps companies increase productivity, improve accuracy, control labor costs and free employees to tackle more important projects. If your company is preparing a robotic process automation deployment of one … Read More

Denver ARMA Spring Seminar: Our Observations on Content Services and RPA Awareness

As a Mile High Denver ARMA Silver Business Partner, Buddha Logic recently participated in the organization’s Spring Seminar. The event included excellent sessions on a wide range of records management topics, from foundations of information governance (IG) to blockchain to personnel management and motivation. We’re a frequent presenter at ARMA monthly events, but in this case we focused on connecting … Read More

How Automation Can Make a Records Manager’s Life Easier!

If you’re a records management professional, or you know one, you understand that the work is labor-intensive, that accuracy is essential and that the results are critical to an organization’s success. All of these factors can add up to make a records manager’s life hectic and stressful. What you may not know is that business process automation can make your … Read More

Powerful RPA Insights from Kofax/Pinnacol/IRPA-AI Webinar

Recently Kofax and Pinnacol Assurance, who are a Buddha Logic business partner and client respectively, collaborated on a webinar titled, “How to Scale Automation: People & Technology Considerations.” I attended the online event, which was present in partnership with the Institute for Robotic Process Automation & Artificial Intelligence (IRPA-AI), and was impressed with the depth and breadth of the material … Read More

Curious About RPA? Our Recent Webinar Answered Many Questions

More companies than ever before are looking into robotic process automation (RPA) and the many benefits it provides. Maybe they have a business colleague who has begun using RPA at their company to save time and money through more efficient execution of simple digital tasks. Or maybe they read an article describing how “software robots” are rules-based applications that do … Read More

RPA and Buddha Botz: Delivering Rocket Fuel for AI and Machine Learning

Although it is playing an increasingly important and visible role in helping organizations operate more efficiently and cost-effectively, robotic process automation is still somewhat of a mystery to many people.That may be in part because their only exposure to the concept of business process automation has been its use on a larger scale in the form of complex, end-to-end automation … Read More

RPA for All: Even Small Companies can Afford Robotic Process Automation

If you are looking for strategies that can help you run your business more efficiently, and consequently more profitably, you may have heard of robotic process automation or RPA. It’s a form of business process automation in which small software programs are written to perform simple, repetitive tasks that are currently handled manually by your team members. These software “robots” … Read More