Robotic Process Automation in Healthcare

Data is the “lifeblood” of healthcare and medical research. From hospitals to medical practices to colleges and universities that conduct clinical research, effectively gathering, manipulating and managing information that is often maintained in disparate systems is essential to success. Healthcare organizations are increasingly using robotic process automation to help them operate more efficiently and cost-effectively.

Watch Buddha Logic President and CTO Charles Weidman talk about RPA in healthcare:

5 Areas Where Healthcare is Benefitting from RPA

Healthcare entities capitalize on RPA in many areas, including:

  1. Billing and claims management  
  2. Patient scheduling and records management
  3. Supply chain management
  4. Regulatory compliance and audit readiness
  5. Legacy system integration and/or data migration

With RPA being used to streamline data-centric tasks, employees are able to turn their attention to other work confident that those operations are being executed rapidly and with 100 percent accuracy. As a result, healthcare organizations save time and effort both on the initial work and by preventing the need for research and corrections caused by inaccurate manual entry.

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