Content Services

Content services is a term that refers to the set of services an organization uses to manage the content that it generates and receives. This descriptor, coined by Gartner, a leading business research and advisory company, has replaced the term “enterprise content management (ECM).”



Our team designs, implements and supports content services solutions that focus on three main areas:

  • Content services platforms. Where ECM projects sought to implement one comprehensive platform, a content services approach involves developing multiple platforms with integrated data repositories to allow for specialized functionality and maximum flexibility.
  • Content services applications. Applications address the needs of a particular business area such as insurance claim management, mortgage application management or contract management.
  • Content service components. These elements enhance specific functionality of existing applications. For example, a content services component might improve process orchestration by applying categories to types of content as they enter a workflow.

Ultimately, content services projects and initiatives help organizations function more efficiently, provide better service to internal and external customers, and operate more cost-effectively.

Use Our Content Services Insights to Your Advantage

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