Data Capture Automation & Migration

Data capture automation and migration accelerates business processes and frees up staff hours by streamlining the conversion of information from a variety of physical and electronic sources into a format that can be stored in, and retrieved from, a unified digital archive quickly and efficiently. Some of the goals of this process include decreasing the amount of paper documents that must be handled and stored, and increasing the accessibility of data. Data capture automation and migration can deliver several benefits, including:

  • A searchable archive based on metadata assigned to each paper record so that it has the proper classification and attributes by which to filter
  • Reduced storage space requirements for physical copies
  • Improved productivity through reduced paper handling (i.e., less filing, sorting, collating, re-filing, retrieval from physical archive, etc.)
  • A chain of custody for documents that shows access activity, file versioning, etc.
  • Omni-channel information capture, allowing your employees and customers to provide information via whatever channels are most convenient (email, fax, electronic file transfer, image files, etc.)

Whether through a large-scale content services initiative or the rapid implementation of one or more robotic process automation (RPA) Buddha Botz, these benefits can produce significant, measurable improvements in business operations.

Be Well-Informed About Your Capture Automation & Migration Options

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