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What is RPA?

Robotic process automation is a form of business process automation in which “smart,” task-focused software applications are developed and used as a digital workforce to handle data collection, processing, and manipulation tasks. These software robots can be designed and produced quickly, and modified easily as processes change.

By using RPA and the AI it provides, companies can prevent the bottlenecks that occur when time-consuming tasks accumulate and overwhelm available resources. The software robots can perform operations in a fraction of the time of human workers and can operate flawlessly around the clock, 365 days a year. As a result, organizations can abandon the cycle of repeatedly addressing higher processing volumes with more (and costly) headcount.

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Buddha Botz: Robotic Process Automation (RPA) Simplified

To be competitive in your market, you have to use your resources effectively. Buddha Botz let you free employees currently performing repetitive digital tasks to address more important and higher-value work.

As autonomous, rules-based, applications that exhibit basic artificial intelligence (AI) capability, Buddha Botz execute transactions and deliver error-free work around the clock. The result is a significant improvement in the efficiency, productivity, cost-effectiveness, customer service and compliance of your operations.

Software Robots and RPA for Every Industry

Software robots can be used by organizations of any size in virtually every industry. Companies around the world are benefitting from:

Insurance companies process a wide variety of forms and documents, and handle large volumes of information. Consequently, there are many opportunities for robotic process automation to streamline operations and simplify data management. 

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Financial services companies are acutely aware of the importance of return on investment (ROI). Consequently, they tend to be early adopters of time-saving, accuracy-enhancing, compliance-ensuring technology like software robots.

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As the U.S. population grows and also skews older, the healthcare system has to accommodate a rapidly growing pool of consumers. As a result, healthcare organizations need to operate more efficiently. Providers today leverage robotic process automation to streamline many data-related tasks. 

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The oil and gas industry is highly regulated, and that oversight involves the generation, receipt and manipulation of a large volume of documents and other files. Consequently, these companies are eager adopters of RPA solutions and use them in many areas of their operations. 

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People today rely heavily on telecom companies and utilities to keep them connected in an increasingly digital world. To ensure they can meet consumer needs efficiently and affordably, these organizations are adopting RPA to handle a variety of tasks.

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Government and other public sector entities often face the twin challenges of dealing with a large workload with small staffs and shrinking budgets. RPA can help free overburdened employees from repetitive tasks so they can be more productive.

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These dynamic digital workers continue to evolve in ways that help companies get more done faster and with 100% accuracy in order to stay ahead of the competition.

A Streamlined Process for Building Software Robots

People new to robotic process automation are surprised at the power and flexibility of software robots. If workflows involve finding, collecting or manipulating data, Buddha Botz can be defined to handle them. From simple tasks to complex procedures, these cognitive AI tools handle them with lightning speed and absolute precision.

Companies are also happy to discover that creating Buddha Botz doesn’t take months of development time. Instead, they can be programmed, tested and operational in a matter of days to weeks. Plus, with guidance from Buddha Logic, you can automate faster by learning to modify existing Buddha Botz or create your own using an intuitive RPA development platform.

Collaborate with a Company that Knows Business Process Automation

While the processes for creating and implementing software robots and cognitive AI tools have advanced significantly in recent years, the idea of business process automation (BPA) has been helping companies save time, control costs, and minimize errors for many years. Buddha Logic has been a leader in BPA and Enterprise Content Management (ECM) for more than two decades. Consequently, our skilled solution architects know how to get right to the core of your business challenges and design, test and implement systems that enable you to achieve your objectives.