Robotic Process Automation in Telecom/Utility

As the digital universe continues to expand exponentially, telecom and utility companies are challenged to meet the ever-greater communication and power needs of businesses and consumers, and they are expected to do so cost-effectively. From starting and stopping service promptly to initiating customer support transactions quickly, robotic process automation is helping these types of organizations manage costs while scaling their operations.

4 Tasks That Telecom/Utility Companies can Easily Automate with RPA Technology

While virtually any simple digital task can be automated using Buddha Botz software robots, there are certain areas and activities where telecom and utility companies find RPA technology to be especially valuable. They include:

  1. Office activities like data entry, customer account validation and financial reconciliation
  2. Customer service tasks including initial customer support, call routing and support ticket management
  3. Order management operations such as scanning and extracting information from order forms, creating work orders and initiating follow-up customer surveys
  4. Task reviews and data validation across systems to confirm that processes are performed accurately

Plus, RPA is a flexible, cost-effective solution that does not require IT resources. Consequently, it is a great approach for telecom and utility companies that are often hampered in their automation efforts by budget challenges, a low level of technical agility and high transaction volumes at multiple processing centers.

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