Robotic Process Automation in Oil & Gas

From exploration to production to distribution, the oil and gas industry is highly regulated. As such, there is a huge volume of documents and other files that get generated internally or received from outside sources. Robotic process automation is used in many ways to help oil and gas companies operate more efficiently and comply with applicable rules and regulations.

4 Tasks Oil and Gas Companies Often Handle with RPA Technology

Oil and gas companies use robotic process automation to streamline many tasks. Four of the most common are:

  1. Data migration following mergers and acquisitions, which are common in this industry  
  2. Communication and collaboration with joint venture partners
  3. Back-office operations including financial management and HR functions like employee onboarding
  4. Close processes including automated checks and alerts

RPA enables oil and gas companies to handle these tasks and many others much more quickly, efficiently and cost-effectively. Plus, with their digital workforce in place, these organizations can reassign employees to higher-value tasks. To learn more about how Buddha Botz software robots can have a positive impact on your operations, schedule a free 60-minute robotic process automation phone consultation. Call us at 303-807-6528 or visit our contact page to book a no-obligation session.