Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Buddha Logic offers a wide range of Enterprise Content Management (ECM) systems to help businesses operate more efficiently and effectively. From business process management to accounts payable automation, we design, implement and support information capture and management solutions for all of your multi-channel document capture needs.

What services does Buddha Logic offer?

We use the latest data capture and management technology to support your business activity. This includes:

  • Enterprise Content Management (ECM)
  • Capture automation and migration
  • Business process technologies and management
  • Accounts payable automation
  • Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP)

What industries does Buddha Logic serve?

We help organizations in many industries successfully manage their digital assets. These markets include government, corporate, transportation, banking, insurance, medical and mortgage. From our work in these diverse industries comes a set of best practices that we can use to help companies in any industry achieve success.

What is the scope of the work Buddha Logic provides?

We can provide some or all of the following, depending on your needs.

  • Resource evaluation
  • Project planning
  • Stalled project re-start
  • Solution design
  • System implementation
  • System upgrade assistance
  • Existing system optimization
  • Standard customer support
  • Advanced customer support

What is the technology background of your solution architects?

Our consultants maintain key technical certifications and have extensive expertise in a whole host of technologies ranging from software development platforms to document management systems. See the full list here.

Will solutions Buddha Logic recommends integrate with our existing records management systems and strategy?

Yes! Helping you maximize your budget by leveraging existing software and infrastructure is one of our highest priorities. We can recommend technologies and procedures that will augment the processes you’ve built, and assist you in developing methods that improve upon your current strategy. We also focus on preserving data integrity by incorporating current file naming conventions, file storage systems, the architecture of your information database, etc. whenever possible.

What are the key features of an automated content capture system?

While every solution for managing digital content is different based on the needs of the client, all systems address certain core functionality:

  • Capture data from multi-channel inputs and create an electronic aggregate
  • Classify and separate content into searchable categories
  • Extract key information from valid content, reject invalid source material
  • Store data in an organized library of accessible and retrievable electronic content

What are the primary benefits of a digital content capture and management system?

A well-designed and properly implemented Enterprise Content Management (ECM) system will:

  • Enhance content accessibility and organization, leading to increased efficiency and productivity
  • Streamline critical business procedures, saving man-hours without sacrificing accuracy or data integrity
  • Consolidate disparate content capture and management systems and related databases
  • Free up internal resources that can be redirected to other projects
  • Produce and/or enforce data retention policies and provide document version control

Who are the technology solution providers that Buddha Logic works with?

We work with industry-leading content capture and management companies including Kofax, EMC and others. See the full list here.

Can you provide examples of the projects that Buddha Logic has successfully completed?

Some of our successes are documented in client case studies. For detailed information on these and other projects, please contact Larry Matthews, [email protected].

Who are some of Buddha Logic’s clients?

We work with a number of respected organizations and have been a trusted provider to many of them for more than a decade. Learn more.

What are your technical support hours and contact information?

We provide standard customer support weekdays from 8am – 5pm Mountain time. Advanced support for after hours and weekends is also available. Reach us at at [email protected] or 720.739.1773. If you prefer hands-on troubleshooting, we are happy to schedule a time to meet on site.

To learn more about our team, connect with us on LinkedIn, and check out the Buddha Logic blog, where we periodically introduce our team members.

How soon will we begin to see a return on our investment?

Almost immediately it will become apparent that incorporating multi-channel capture technology will save you time, improve communications within your own organization and improve your response time with customers, both external and internal. The automated collection, classification, validation and indexing of information from varying sources will very quickly provide tremendous improvements in efficiency that can result in cost reductions. And in the long run, greater customer satisfaction can lead to improved customer retention and increased sales.

Can small companies benefit from a document capture and information management system?

Absolutely! The need for effective data capture and management is just as critical for small companies as large ones, and the solutions we implement can scale from individual offices to huge corporations.