Intelligent Automation

Buddha Logic provides powerful time- and cost-saving content transformation services and robotic process automation (RPA) solutions that expand and enhance your ability to capture, manage and optimize digital assets and business processes.

Content Services

Use cognitive capture to maximize content management efficiency.

Process Automation

Leverage advanced solutions to automate business processes.

Workflow Transformation

Simplify and streamline workflows from start to finish.
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Buddha Logic can streamline your business processes and simplify digital asset management.

Solutions To Fit Your Business


Content Services

What had been called "enterprise content management (ECM)" is now known as "content services." This strategy uses hardware (scanners, peripheral devices, networked computer stations, etc.) and software to capture, process, and store documents, making them available in an accessible repository governed by rules regarding read/edit authority, retention time frames, and more.


Accounts Payable Automation

When it comes to business process automation, the Accounts Payable department is one where ROI can be both immediate and significant. By digitizing both internal and incoming documents, you can make it easier to pay your vendors on time and to be paid more quickly by the clients to whom you provide services.


Capture Automation & Migration

Capture automation frees up staff hours by streamlining the migrating your data from a variety of physical and electronic sources to a unified digital archive. The goal of this process is to decrease the amount of paper documents that must be handled and stored and increase the accessibility of data.


Business Process Management

A business process is a repeatable sequence of interactions between people and systems. Companies can have anywhere from dozens to hundreds of processes, and they vary widely by department. You likely have very different processes for handling HR documents as compared to contracts, work orders and service agreements. Your process for enrolling a new customer is certainly different from your procedure for hiring and training a new employee.


Business Process Technologies

Business process technologies are the hardware and software needed to execute your defined business procedures, including the management of your business-critical documents. This can include everything from computer workstations, scanners and servers to computer programs for separating, classifying, and manipulating digital files.


Enterprise Resource Planning

Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) is a system of activities that support the administration of mission-critical business objectives, facilitating data-driven business decisions through integration with your organization’s customer relationship management strategy, records and information management system, and data repository.

Our Methodology

“Enrolling the Enterprise” steps through all aspects of deploying and maintaining a successful Enterprise Content Management Project: Capture, Recognize, Classify, Separate, Transform, Manage, Publish, Retain and Dispose.

Our Staff

Specializes in architecting and deploying Enterprise Content Management solutions that produce a return on your investment quickly.

Our Mission

Work with, educate and mentor client resources producing internal teams that support, maintain and deploy Enterprise Content Management solutions across the Enterprise.