Business Process Technologies: 3 Key Considerations

As a company that designs, implements and supports Enterprise Content Management (ECM) systems, our work involves a wide range of business process technologies. If your organization plans to purchase a business process management (bpm) tool, three key considerations should be foremost in your mind—the same three that drive our recommendations to our clients. 1. How does it work? And by … Read More

Meet Larry Matthews, Buddha Logic’s Executive Vice President

At Buddha Logic, we understand that the combined skill and experience of our incredible team ranks as our biggest strength. To give you a sense of the technical and business expertise we bring to bear on your Enterprise Content Management challenges, we periodically introduce you to one of our staff members. Today, I would like to introduce you to Larry … Read More

What is Enterprise Content Management (ECM)?

According to Wikipedia, Enterprise Content Management (often referred to by the acronym ECM) is defined as, “a formalized means of organizing and storing an organization’s documents, and other content, that relate to the organization’s processes. The term encompasses strategies, methods, and tools used throughout the lifecycle of the content.” In other words, it is the software, hardware and processes companies … Read More

The Many Benefits of Accounts Payable (AP) Automation

Both companies providing payment and vendors receiving it have a vested interest in making the process more effective. Companies—especially the CFO—want their accounts payable staff to be as efficient and productive as possible. They also are continually looking for ways to reduce error rates. Product and service providers want to be paid as quickly as possible. Accounts Payable (AP) Automation … Read More

6 Tips for an Effective Enterprise Content Management (ECM) System Rollout

Companies that use an Enterprise Content Management (ECM) system enjoy a wide range of benefits, from streamlined operations to improved compliance. That said, there is no denying that implementing content management software can be a sizable challenge. “Content,” which can take many forms and be used in a variety of ways, is produced and consumed by every department within an … Read More

Providing Greater Loan Processing Visibility with Automated Alerts

Loan processing has a notorious reputation as a “black hole” for nearly everyone involved, particularly for the applicant but even for staff within the organization like the records manager and the compliance office. Paperwork gets submitted and then an unnerving silence ensues as the loan processor goes to work. With the new emphasis on “transparency” in all aspects of the … Read More

Top 5 Challenges of AP Automation

Automation of the accounts payable process (or “AP Automation” for short) can result in tremendous time savings, more error-free processing and a host of other benefits. Companies that have made the switch to more automated processes will attest that it has improved efficiency, cut costs and increased the time available for Accounts Payable Managers, Controllers and Buyers to perform other … Read More