Overcome 3 Common Roadblocks to ECM Implementation

After years of struggling to manage your content with a paper-based approach, you’ve received the green light to proceed with your digital enterprise content management (ECM) system implementation. The solution has been designed and approved, the framework is in place, and now it’s time to start the “enrollment” process through which you’ll bring the different departments in your organization onboard. … Read More

What is an Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) System?

Enterprise resource planning (ERP) is a set of activities created to help you run your business. An Enterprise Resource Planning System is business process management software that allows you to integrate a number of applications for managing business processes, and to automate business functions. The goal of this type of system is to facilitate the flow of information throughout a company … Read More

Data Retention: 10 Mistakes You Don’t Want to Make

We blogged previously about the importance of having a data retention policy. If you have heeded, or plan to heed, our advice, there are a number of common mistakes you want to be sure to avoid as you craft and implement the policy that governs your Enterprise Content Management (ECM) activities. They include: 1. Trusting staff to comply with retention … Read More

ECM and the Customer Experience: How to Wow ‘Em with Superior Service

As anyone who has researched Enterprise Content Management (ECM) solutions knows, this type of system can provide your organization with a whole host of benefits. These include increased business process automation, improved compliance and greater adherence to data retention rules to name just a few. What is sometimes overlooked is the tremendous value that ECM solutions provide to your customers, … Read More

ECM and Compliance: 5 Key Considerations

Ask anyone involved in business compliance and they’ll tell you they often find themselves somewhere between slightly confused and extremely frustrated. And regardless where they fall on that spectrum, everyone agrees that ensuring a company is in compliance can be very time-consuming. As regulatory requirements for keeping track of documents increase (Sarbanes-Oxley or SOX and the Health Insurance Portability and … Read More

Enterprise Content Management (ECM): An Overview

While an effective Enterprise Content Management (ECM) strategy takes a holistic approach to managing the flow of data throughout an organization, it is often best understood and addressed in four components: Understanding your content Multi-channel capture (or data “ingestion”) Transformation Publishing Researching these components and mapping out a logical and efficient process for moving from one to the other is … Read More

Straight Talk from Buddha Logic: Doing Our Best to Banish Buzzwords

The other day I was proactively leveraging a disruptive innovation when suddenly I witnessed a holistic sea change toward a new normal, which caused me to streamline my exit strategy. Yes, if you’re in business, you probably know someone who talks like that, and that sentence made you grin. Unless, of course, you are the someone who talks like that! … Read More

What is a Smart Process Application?

The term “smart process application” was coined by Forrester Research. According to their definition: “Smart process apps are a new category of application software designed to support business activities that are people-intensive, highly variable, loosely structured, and subject to frequent change. This next generation of packaged apps will encapsulate current best practices in these collaborative business processes yet make it … Read More

Why You Need a Data Retention Policy and 7 Tips for Implementing Yours

As technology advances, the cost of data storage tends to decrease. Consequently, it sometimes seems as though it might be easier and more cost-effective to simply add more storage as needed rather than to define and implement a data retention policy. However, there are a number of reasons why retaining data indefinitely is a bad idea. Data Storage Costs Continue … Read More

Viva Variety! Why Buddha Logic Clients Benefit from Our Multi-Market Approach

In an age when companies are becoming increasingly specialized by industry, Buddha Logic’s approach to Enterprise Content Management (ECM) is distinctly different. Rather than zeroing in on one industry and developing expertise specific to its needs, we work with, learn a great deal from, and share a great deal with, companies and organizations in a wide range of markets. Why … Read More