Buddha Logic Streamlines Loan Document Capture and Processing at Colorado Housing and Finance Authority


Buddha Logic Streamlines Loan Document Capture and Processing at CHFAIn a multi-part project, Buddha Logic implemented an application framework for the capture, recognition, classification and separation of paper and electronic loan packages, including emails and attachments at the Colorado Housing and Finance Authority (CHFA). The framework includes integration with CHFA’s existing mortgage applications and an automated digital signature authorization smart process application.

Services Provided

  • Business Process Analysis
  • Content Capture Architecture
  • Electronic Delivery Recognition
  • Digital Signing Automation


In 2012, Buddha Logic implemented an “eDelivery” component as part of an application framework. In the next two years, the percentage of digital (versus paper) mortgage loan submission at the CHFA made a dramatic shift from 20% to 98%. That change provided tremendous benefits, including the saving of $45K annually in printing and shipping costs, but also posed significant challenges.

How would CHFA accurately and efficiently identify, route, and process the large volume of digital documents and also improve its handling of the still sizeable flow of paper documents? The answer was business process automation.


Buddha Logic worked with the IT and Integrated Records Management (IRM) departments to assess CHFA’s business processes and break down the overall procedure into the following components: Document Capture (paper, files, email), Advanced Recognition (recognize, classify, separate), Processing Transparency, Legacy System Integration, and Digital Signing Authority Automation.

Document Capture – To address document capture, Buddha Logic used Kofax Capture (KC) and Kofax Transformation Modules (KTM) to create an effective batch process. The project also involved successfully upgrading KC and KTM to the latest versions.

Electronic Delivery Recognition – The Buddha Logic team not only deployed Kofax Import Connector (KIC) and Server Virtual Re-Scan (SVRS) systems, they also created custom code to assist with the recognition process. This code determines the type of file submitted and the loan number based on the file name.

Processing Transparency – To provide staff and applicants with more insight into the status of loan processing, Buddha Logic reviewed and updated the existing architecture (data, process and application) of CHFA’s KTM modules to include table-driven loan packaging and document tracking, electronic status updates sent to customers at key processing points and increased document data extraction to feed the agency’s legacy loan processing systems.

“Process visibility has been greatly increased,” says Brian Mueller, CHFA IRM Manager. “Auto-generated emails go out to the stakeholders – borrower, lender, analyst – at key processing points, including when loan files have been received, when processing has begun, etc. This ensures that all parties are fully informed about the application’s flight path.”

Email/Fax Content Capture – Using the KIC, CHFA can now capture supporting documents such as loan packages that are submitted via email or electronic delivery.

Signing Authority Automation – To create an efficient process for applying digital and/or physical (also known as “wet”) signatures to documents, the Buddha Logic team implemented a Kofax TotalAgility (KTA) smart process application (SPA). Now signature requests are automatically routed based on CHFA’s business rules and signing authorities are alerted to tasks via email. The next phase of this SPA will allow approvers who are out of the office to apply digital signatures from their mobile device. All phases of the process are tracked for audit purposes.


Through their analysis of CHFA’s business processes, implementation of cutting-edge Kofax bpm tools and the creation of custom code, Buddha Logic has streamlined what was once a very labor-intensive, paper-based procedure and achieved a much higher level of business process automation.

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