Workers’ Compensation Provider Collaborates with Buddha Logic on Workflow and RPA Initiatives


A Denver-based leader in workers’ compensation insurance needed to streamline its claims processing so that it could continue to provide the exceptional customer service it had become known for in its more than a century as trusted provider. The company determined that workflow transformation and robotic process automation (RPA) would play key roles.

Services Provided

  • Medical claims processing workflow transformation 
  • Data classification, separation, extraction and validation
  • RPA to streamline vendor and customer interactions


The company’s claims processing was taking up to 30 days, and they needed to find a way to significantly reduce that time. Not only would doing so increase customer satisfaction, it would also reduce the company’s costs by making staff more efficient and helping claimants get the care they need to get back to work more quickly. 


Buddha Logic created a transformation model and workflow to accelerate claims processing. This involved developing, testing and implementing the solution, as well as documenting the system and teaching stakeholders how to use and support it. Separately, Buddha Logic developed a number of “software robots” to support the company’s work with vendors and customers. 


Claims processing that had taken 30 days can now be completed in just a few days. And, the company now has a strong foundation in robotic process automation that allows it to identify processes that can be automated and design and implement new robots for its digital workforce that can handle the tasks. 

“The enhance workflow we designed for the client had an immediate and significant impact on their operations, and it continues to deliver excellent results,” says Charlie Weidman, Buddha Logic President and CTO. “And their adoption of RPA is not only providing benefits today, it has positioned them to leverage a powerful, diverse and productive digital workforce in the future.”