Buddha Logic Automates AP Invoice Process at City and County of Denver


City and County of Denver (CCD)Buddha Logic implemented the first automated accounts payable smart invoice processing application for the City and County of Denver (CCD).  Designed to increase efficiency, the system captures and processes invoices sent to CCD via email with minimal user interaction.

Services Provided

  • Business Process Analysis
  • Content Capture Architecture
  • Capture Product Recommendations, Product Implementation and Management/End User Training
  • Integration to CCD’s Legacy PeopleSoft Platforms and Web Services


In a public sector environment, how do you increase operational efficiency and lower costs associated with paper-based invoice processes? CCD needed to provide its external vendors and internal agencies a more efficient and cost-effective way to deliver invoices.

It also needed to streamline the capture of paper invoices delivered by US Mail and internal mail systems, and eliminate a process in which digital invoices were printed, labeled with a barcode and rescanned.


Buddha Logic, working with CCD’s business owners, business analysts, upper management and IT staff examined, refreshed and architected an invoice processing framework using Kofax Import Connector (KIC), Kofax Transformation Modules (KTM) and web service integrations. The solution allows receipt of electronic invoices utilizing KIC for email classification, separation and processing with KTM. During processing, KTM leverages CCD’s existing web services to interact with their PeopleSoft Human Resource and Financial Management systems to verify data extracted by KTM and entered by the invoice processing staff.


The project resulted in a repeatable and efficient business process. Through this invoice capture framework,  documents received electronically and by postal/internal mail are processed with fewer touchpoints.

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