Buddha Logic AP Solution Cuts Invoice Processing Time by 50% for Major Manufacturer


This major manufacturer with three North American divisions identified the streamlining of its accounts payable operations as a way to increase efficiency and save time and money. Buddha Logic delivered a customized accounts payable platform and integrated it with the company’s ERP (enterprise resource planning) system.

Services Provided

  • Design, testing and implementation of a Kofax TotalAgility workflow platform:
    • Automated data capture
    • Data transformation
    • Notifications
    • Exception processing
  • Full solution documentation and training
  • Integration to JD Edwards ERP system


The company needed to reduce the end-to-end processing time for invoices received from vendors. This included eliminating its “sneakernet”—the physical carrying of documents from place to place for signatures. Not only would this automation free up staff time, it would also provide powerful analytics and help the company realize discounts from vendors for on-time or early payment and avoid late-payment penalties. 


Buddha Logic used Kofax TotalAgility as the foundation of a fully customized accounts payable solution that was implemented at all three of the company’s North American divisions. The team architected, tested, and deployed the system, and then worked with subject matter experts to assess it in the production environment and fine-tune its functionality. Buddha Logic also fully documented the finalized invoicing solution and trained users on how best to leverage it. 


The Buddha Logic customized invoice processing platform has provided this industry-leading manufacturer with a number of benefits. Three of the most impactful are that the solution:

  • Reduces the time to take an invoice from receipt to approval by 50%. Not only does this give accounting staff more time to address other tasks, it positions the company to receive discounts from vendors and avoid late-payment fees.
  • Provides transparency for vendors. The company’s vendors are pleased that they can now get the status on an invoice they’ve submitted quickly and efficiently, and accounting staff no longer have to spend valuable time responding to inquiries.
  • Integrates with the client’s JD Edwards ERP. As part of the engagement, Buddha Logic built a layer in the solution that pushes data to, and pulls data from, the company’s enterprise resource planning system.

“As part of our work with the client, we helped them adopt a fresh perspective on their accounts payable procedures,” says Charlie Weidman, Buddha Logic President and CTO. “They were focused on how best to handle the ‘exception’ invoices, and that wasn’t delivering much in the way of process improvement. We convinced them to concentrate their efforts on automating the handling of standard invoices, which make up the bulk of their work. That approach produced significant efficiency gains. We also emphasized that exceptions can be reduced by working with vendors to ensure they submit invoices following an agreed-upon process.”