Watch our ARMA Seminar ECM Q&A Video

At the ARMA Spring Seminar in Denver, Buddha Logic President Charles Weidman fielded questions from the audience after his presentation on Enterprise Content Management (ECM) strategy titled “Examine Confirm then Manage.” The session provided a comprehensive look at how to manage the digitizing of records, including suggestions for the order in which departments should be approached and how to keep … Read More

Data Retention: 10 Mistakes You Don’t Want to Make

We blogged previously about the importance of having a data retention policy. If you have heeded, or plan to heed, our advice, there are a number of common mistakes you want to be sure to avoid as you craft and implement the policy that governs your Enterprise Content Management (ECM) activities. They include: 1. Trusting staff to comply with retention … Read More

Buddha Logic’s ARMA Spring Seminar Presentation Now Available Online

Alongside other leaders in the records and information management industry at the recent ARMA International Spring Seminar event in Denver, Buddha Logic founder and president Charles Weidman shared his insights into the keys to building a successful content management program in front of an eager and engaged crowd. Introducing a new strategy to ECM that he refers to as Examine … Read More